Homeowners Association Dues
HOA Dues are billed on a quarterly basis on the 1st of the month in January, April, July, and October. The Association provides owners with multiple options for paying their Association Dues:

BY MAIL: Owners may send a physical check to The Steamboat Grand HOA c/o Emerald Mountain Tax, PO Box 775475, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477.

BY ACH OR CREDIT CARD: Owners may pay by ACH or Credit Card through the new Owner portal known as Condo Control Central. Owners will need to register for their account in CCC to view dues balance and make dues payments. PLEASE ENTER YOUR UNIT NUMBER EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS ON YOUR INVOICE WHEN YOU PAY YOUR DUES. If you own multiple units or shares, please list all unit numbers your payment covers in the Unit Number field. Alternatively, you can initiate a separate payment within the portal for each unit/share you own. The Association will no longer automatically process payment (either ACH or CC) on your behalf – please utilize the portal to make your payments.

Here is the information regarding the collection fees charged by the Association.

Contact Information for Association Dues and Property Taxes:
Jennifer or Courtney @ Emerald Mountain Tax and Consulting
(970) 879-1787


Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation offers an optional nightly rental management program when owners are not using their nights, in which the vast majority of owners participate. Rental income is processed in the month following the month in which it was earned.Rental statements are sent on a monthly basis to owners and owners can choose how to receive their rental income:

Direct Deposit
Net income deposited into your desired checking account.

HOA Transfer
Net income transferred to the HOA accounting firm and applied to your HOA account to help offset your dues. If you choose this option, you may build up rental income credit in your HOA account if/when your income exceeds your dues. Anytime you have income credit sitting in your account, you may send a written request to the HOA accounting firm and they will process a refund check (processing takes up to 30 days).**If an owner does not choose either option they will receive a physical check.

Monthly statements are distributed electronically through the Owner Relations website. If you do not have an account (or have forgotten your password) please email

Visit the SSRC Rental Management folder in your File Library for a guide to help you understand your rental statement.